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To Be A Leader

After joining work interview a many thanks note to a possible company has been published by how many of you? Not many I suppose. Publishing a thank you page addressed for your future manager is one when you areRead more

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New Bypass at Caernarfon to Move Ahead

A new bypass is slated for construction near Caernarfon, this will involve 7 different bridges inter-joining and thus connecting Bontnewydd and Caernarfon in Gwynedd. The Welsh Assembly Government has published draft orders for the six-mile bypass along the A487,Read more

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Festival Number 6 – 2016

The prisoner was broadcast 1967, becoming one of the most famous programmes in the world. It even gathered a cult following and is still enjoyed today. They even remade it in 2009 with Ian Mckellen playing the antagonist. ThisRead more

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Glass Butter Beach 2016 – In Review

NorthWales.com were honoured to be guests at Glass Butter Beach Festival This year, Glass Butter Beach took centre stage for North Wales’ festival scene, with people travelling from all over the UK to get stuck into a weekend of beaches,Read more

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Glass Butter Beach 2016

    The perfect setting North Wales’ striking and all-encompassing scenery makes for an attractive campground indeed. It’s gorgeous grassy fields, rolling green hills, idyllic shoreline and contiguous fresh air makes for the perfect environment for an outdoor musicRead more

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Adventure Days North Wales

Dragon Raiders & Bear Grylls Survival Academy In today’s day and age, games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are capturing people’s imagination, trying to get that experience of being hunkered down in a muddy forest encampment while theRead more

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